November 4, 2004


Dr. Polly Jones, Principal
Monroe High School
4300 E. Sunrise Drive
Tucson, AZ  85714


Dear Dr. Jones,


My daughter Sally White is an A student at your school. She is classified as a junior and in her three years at Monroe, she has never had any discipline problems. She is a model student. Yesterday, 11/3, she tells me that she was sent to the assistant principalís , Mr. Brownís, office during her government class. She has no idea why. 

This is inexcusable. My daughter has better things to do with her time than to sit in the assistant principalís office and visit with his secretaries until he has time to say hi and send her back to class. This is a joke.  Ms. Norton should be glad she has Sally in her classroom. Sally wants to hold public office as an adult and become a lawyer. This class is very important to her.  

I wanted Sally in Ms. Nortonís class because she is young and seemed to have a lot of energy and excitement for her subject. However, the students donít respect her and she seems to be an ineffective teacher. I want Sally out of this class and to never be humiliated again by being sent to be disciplined by Mr. Brown. 




Mrs. John White

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