Solution Parameters

Problem Context and Solution Parameters 

Context: You are a third-year teacher at Monroe High School and have recently won the Milken National Educator Award. You have worked in both the junior and senior level school, though currently your assignment has you teaching all senior division courses (grades 9-12). You know staff members fairly well, and you have a reputation for running an effective classroom. Details about Monroe High School can be found on the web site.


Problem: Your principal, Dr. Polly Jones, was just recently hired. She wants to continue the good reputation of Monroe High School. She has taken a hands-off approach to the teachers because she does not want to “rock the boat” and she believes that teachers are professionals and that they know how to do their job. However, now that there has been a complaint about Ms. Norton’s classroom management, she is extremely concerned. She believes that if this problem is not rectified in a matter of weeks, she could lose his job and the school could suffer tremendously. 

You are concerned about the memo. You have a good relationship with Ms. Norton and you are happy to help out. You also believe that there is a relationship between successful classroom management and school philosophy and leadership.


Solution Parameters: In teams of two, you will create a comprehensive solution to this problem. You must consider all of the stake holders: Parents, students, teachers, administration, and the community. You and your partner will present the classroom management plan on Tuesday or Thursday April 27 or 29 to a panel that includes:


You need to include in your presentation the following products (see presentation rubric): 

  1. A Classroom management plan that is based on research
  2. A newsletter (or other written communication) that describes the classroom management plan to the parents (see rubric)
  3. A classroom procedures poster
  4. A student contract that includes the main points of your classroom management plan which is to be signed by the parents and the students. This contract may be included in the newsletter or written communication you will create
  5. How will this plan be supported?

Implementation Plan for the Instructor