What do you think, Dr. Jackson?

Linda decides to go back to her college and look for Dr. Jackson, her Assessment Methods professor. She had to wait because he was in class, but then she was able to talk with him...

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Dr. Jackson, do you have a minute? Oh. HI, Linda! I had not seen you in a while... you can walk with me to my office...
Well, I know you are busy but I have a big task to complete and I would like your advice. OK. Let's see if I can help you.
I received a job offer confirmation from a school in Florida and I really want to take the job because it is in this school with state-of-the-art facilities and tons of technology. The only thing is that the teachers at that school use technology as a tool for teaching and learning and I am expected to do the same. In the letter, my future principal asked me to prepare an electronic portfolio that has several components... Wow, Linda! It sounds like a very nice school to work at! Sorry to interrupt you, congratulations, by the way, on the job. Please continue...
Well, the first thing I needed to prepare was my philosophy of technology integration, which I already finished. The next thing I need to prepare is a statement that explains my methods of assessing learning outcomes but it needs to be based on my philosophy of education and my philosophy of technology integration. The problem is that I do not understand how I can link the three statements, so I would like to have your advice on this issue. When we discussed in class the different methods to assess learning outcomes, remember that we first discussed the philosophy of education? Do you remember why we did that? Well, I am not sure what your future principal is really trying to tell you... the only thing that occurs to me is that she wants to see if your philosophy of teaching and, by consequence, your philosophy of technology integration, are aligned to your assessment methods.
I remember that we discussed that our philosophy of education was sort of our road map to select our teaching methods and our assessment methods... Exactly! Your philosophy of education dictates how you will facilitate your students' learning. Logically, your assessment methods need to be aligned with what you believe is the best way your students learn.
I still don't get it ... For example, Linda, if you teach from the behaviorist philosophy, then your assessments will try to assess whether you changed your students' behaviors. On the other hand, if you teach from, let's say, the constructivist perspective, then you will not give your students a test that is based on fact recollection since you did not teach your students only facts but you were supposed to facilitate a process where your students discovered the facts by themselves and applied them to a specific situation...
Oh, yes... I remember. But what does my philosophy of technology integration have to do with my philosophy of education and my philosophy of assessment? Linda, going back to the example of your philosophy of teaching and your assessment methods, more than likely you will use technology in your classroom in a way that reflects your teaching philosophy. That is, if you believe in discovery, then you will not use technology for drill and practice but as a tool to facilitate discovery, right?
Right. So, what do you advise me to do? Well, what I suggest that you do is that you go back and reflect about what is your philosophy of education. Then, make sure that you have it aligned with your philosophy of technology integration, and then do some research to find out what are the most common methods to assess when you teach from that specific philosophy. The most important thing is that you identify yourself with one of the teaching philosophies and then do a search on the methods of assessment. I am sure you will come up with something useful.
OK. Thank you, Dr. Jackson. Good luck, Linda!

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