Peer-Review Feedback for Philosophy of Technology Integration Assignment and Assessment Statement


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Author's name: ________________________________________ Date: _______________


1. These are at least three specific points that give strength to your piece of writing.




2. These are one or two ideas that were not clear in your writing.




3. These are my suggestions on how to improve those ideas.




4. These are my ratings on your piece of writing (write Gold, Silver, or Copper according to your ratings):

a. The piece of writing makes sense to me. I can tell what it is about.

b. The piece of writing includes new ideas and it shows that you learned from your investigation.

c. You used information from several sources, not just one source for all the information.

d. You made reading your piece of writing an interesting task

e. Your piece of writing is well-matched with the group's driving question(s).

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