I Need to Integrate Technology into my Teaching!!

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In the last years, it has become obvious that our country has been transformed from an industrial society into a knowledge society. Most of the jobs that kindergarten students of today will hold in their adulthood do not even exist yet. However, some of the skills that this workforce of the future will need to posses have already been identified. Among the most important skills are the ability to use new technology media, such as the Internet, to find, gather, organize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information ( 21st Century Literacy Summit, 2002). Another important skill that students need to acquire from their early school days is the ability to work with and negotiate information in a team format. Therefore, the pressure is on today's teachers to teach these citizens of the future to acquire the skills they will need to be successful contributors to society.

In order to help you understand what it really means "to integrate technology into the curriculum in a meaningful way," you and a team of students will help Linda Harper, a newly graduated teacher, to solve the problems she encounters when she is faced with the realities of her first job. To successfully solve Linda's problems, you will work in this activity through her eyes and thinking.

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