Will Jeff Help Linda?

Linda invited Jeff for a cup of coffee to get his opinion on her philosophy of technology integration. This is their conversation.

coffee date
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Jeff: Hey! How are you, Linda? You look gorgeous today!
Linda: Thank you, sweetheart... Well, I was telling you over the phone when I called you to invite you to have a cup of coffee with me that I need to create this electronic portfolio for my new job. The portfolio has turned out to be way more complicated than what I thought it would be. I have been very busy doing research, organizing materials, and even meeting with Dr. Johnson!
Jeff: Dr. Johnson?! Why?
Linda: Well, we did a similar assignment when I took her class and I thought she could help me with this, which she has done. Actually, she has responded to me way better than what I had imagined.
Jeff: Oh, good! So, are you finished now?
Linda: Finished?? No way!! I just finished writing my philosophy of technology integration...
Jeff: Well, I can help you edit it, if you don't mind... Remember that I love writing!
Linda: Would you? Thanks, Jeff! I will give it to you when we get back home. But I need it back soon, OK?
Jeff: OK. Now, tell me, what will our situation be when you move to Florida?
Linda: Jeff, why don't you enjoy the moment, the now? I don't want to talk about it...


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