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Level Attained:

Introduction is vague and the students will not know what the lesson will be about. There are no activities to check for previous knowledge.

Introduction is clear but it lacks a "hook" that grabs students' attention. There are some activities to check for previous knowledge but they are clearly not enough.

Introduction is engaging and it has a "hook" that grabs students' attention. Activities to check for previous knowledge are thorough.


Level Attained:

Activities, for the most part, do not address the standards and/or it is evident that students are confused.

Activities address some of the standards and/or students seem confused for the most part, although it is obvious that some learning takes place.

Activities address all of the standards. Students are responsive to the activities and it is evident that they are learning.


Level Attained:

Material and resources are not readily available to use and/or they do not support the lesson learning objectives.

Most of the materials and resources are available and/or they support in part the lesson learning objectives

Materials and resources are organized and ready to use and/or they clearly support the lesson learning objectives


Level Attained:

Teaching was done mainly through lecturing. Little or no active learning was asked of the students.

Teaching was done by lecturing and a minimal use of a different strategy. Some active learning was promoted but it could be better.

Teaching was done by a balanced combination of at least two different teaching strategies. Active learning was promoted and students were engaged in the activities.


Level Attained:

Lesson targeted mainly one or two intelligences. If technology was used, it was only teacher centered and/or was only drill based and/or was clearly an afterthought to the lesson process.

Lesson targeted several intelligences but none of them enough to make a difference in student learning. If technology was used, it was mainly teacher centered and/or allowed for limited student input other than drilling activities and/or was used as a new tool to do old things.

Lesson targeted several intelligences with solid activities to present and/or reinforce learning concepts. If technology was used, it was student centered and it allowed for student creativity and productivity and/or it was an innovative use of the technology.


Level Attained:

Some learning outcomes are not measured by the assessment used and/or assessment was based mainly on recollection of facts and/or it targets only one or two intelligences.

Most of the learning outcomes are measured through the assessment used and/or assessment asks for recollection of facts but it also uses one or two alternative assessment strategies and/or it targets some intelligences.

Every learning outcome is tied to one or several parts of the assessment and/or assessment strategies are varied and/or they target several intelligences.


Level Attained:

Students with special needs and/or who are ELLs are ignored and/or activities are not adequate to them and/or these students seem to be lost.

Students with special needs and/or who are ELLs are somewhat brought into the lesson but they still seem to be confused.

Students with special needs and/or who are ELLs are active members of the lesson activities and/or they clearly understand the activities.


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