I Need to Integrate Technology into my Teaching!!


Note: Make sure to answer the questions that are posed at the bottom of each page you visit



  1. Read the good news that Ms. Linda Harper just received.
  2. Linda Harper's friend, Susan Smith, emailed Linda when she found out about Linda's job offer. Their email exchange will help Linda get a better sense of what she has been asked to provide to the school principal. Read it in your group using the Round Robin technique (each person takes a turn to read one email). Discuss with your group the advice that Susan gives to Linda and clarify anything you do not understand about what is being discussed in the email exchange.
  3. Linda is still not convinced of the advice that Susan gave her, so she called one of her former professors, professor Johnson, to ask for a second advice. In your group, role play Linda's and Professor Johnson's conversation. Discuss in your group how you may translate into practice what Professor Johnson said.
  4. After Linda identified the elements of technology integration and created her graphic organizer, she decided to start writing her philosophy of technology integration. She decides to talk with her boyfriend, Jeff to ask his opinion on her philosophy of technology integration. In your group, role play their conversation.

    (Note: The philosophy of technology integration statement will be peer-reviewed. Send your philosophy to a team member. Make sure that you do not review the philosophy integration statement of the person who is reviewing your own statement. Use this rubric to give feedback on the philosophy piece).
  5. With her philosophy of technology integration finished, Linda feels a little relaxed. She wasn't sure what else she needed to do so she went back to check the letter that Ms. Frigione sent her. She almost fainted when she read that she needed a statement that explains her methods of assessing learning outcomes. She had taken a class evaluation course but she was confused about what assessing had to do with technology. So she decided to go look for the Assessment Methods course professor. In your group, role play their conversation.

    (Note: The assessment statement will also be peer-reviewed. Send your statement to a different team member. Make sure that you do not review the assessment statement of the person who is reviewing your own statement. Use this rubric to give feedback on the statement piece).
  6. Well, it wasn't easy for Linda but she figured out her statement of assessment of learning outcomes. She thought about talking with her friend Susan again to get an idea of how her classroom is organized. This is their email exchange.
  7. Once Linda created her classroom arrangement and a rationale for the same, she starts creating a unit that covers the four content areas and that integrates technology in a meaningful way. This time, Linda did not need to consult with anybody because all the research she did before gave her enough ideas to create her own unit with no problems. Besides that, she decided to use the Lesson Plan Template that Professor Johnson had given to her students during the course Linda took from her and the Lesson Plan Rubric to check if she had covered all her bases in the lesson plan.
  8. Finally, Linda puts together her electronic portfolio with enough time to spare before she moves to Florida. Ms. Harper is now ready to start her new job with many tools she did not have before!