Conversation with Professor Johnson

Linda Harper
(Dialing...) Hello, This is professor Johnson.
Hello, professor Johnson. This is Linda Harper Hi, Linda! How can I help you?
I was just hired for my first teaching job. I'm so excited! Congratulations, Linda!
Yes, but I need to prepare an electronic portfolio and I am unsure of how to start... What are you unsure of, Linda? What are the requirements of the electronic portfolio?
Well, one of the most important parts of the portfolio is that I define my philosophy of technology integration... But, why are you having problems with that? Remember that we did a similar assignment in class? What you need to do is to start by identifying the elements of good technology integration, such as the theoretical framework that you need to use, the type of assessment, the software pro...
Yes, I know. I remembered that assignment and I have already done all of that. I have even created a concept map to visualize all the elements. Good job!! I can see that our class is being useful for you! You are on the right path, so what is the problem?
The problem is that I am not sure if what I identified in my concept map are the right elements of technology integration... I am weary of adding things that don't belong in the concept map or leaving out important things! Linda, always second-guessing yourself! Well, if this makes you feel better, I suggest that you do a search on the web to find, I would say, three examples of each one of the elements you identified in your concept map. You know, the examples can be articles, or lesson plans, or projects, web pages, etc. The important thing is that these searches will help you fill in the gaps, if you have any, delete extra elements or not important ones, and add whatever you think you are missing. Remember that it is always a good idea to collect the reference information from the sites where you get your examples, in case you need to go back to them to verify information. Besides that, the resources will be very helpful later when you are a classroom teacher.
Thank you so much, professor Johnson! You have given me great ideas. You're welcome, Linda! Let me know if I can help you with anything else.
Thanks again. Bye. Bye, Linda.

What did Professor Johnson recommend Linda to do about the concept map?

What did she recommend Linda to do about the research?

What is your group's next task?

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