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Developing the "Best Quest"

This workshop was designed to help teacher education faculty and staff develop their own WebQuests using a variety of templates.


 Evaluating WebQuests from a Multicultural Perspective

This workshop introduces the WebQuest concept while facilitating the evaluation of instructional material from a multicultural perspective.

Using Computers to Support Learning Academic Standards:
Behavioral and Constructivist Approaches

In this workshop, teacher education students are directed to access behaviorist-oriented as well as constructivist-oriented instructional material designed to facilitate common mathematics standards.  The material is accessed through some excellent on-line archive sites (including the U.S. Department of Education's site).

Creative, Instructional & Reflective Electronic Portfolios

This workshop is designed to help education professionals identify the important roles played by electronic portfolios within the teaching and learning process. 

Beyond Course Management: Making the Most of Web-Supported Instruction

This workshop is designed to help university faculty members design more effective WebCT and Blackboard courses by implementing effective strategies that address context, communication, collaboration, and instructional components/conditions.

Time-Saving Strategies for Managing the E-Mail Monster

Just as the name implies, this workshop presents some basic strategies for dealing with the tidal wave of e-mail received by most faculty in any given week.

Creating Project Webs within Faculty Jan Accounts

This resource presents strategies for enabling faculty to create project webs for specific students to access and edit within their own web accounts.

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