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Introducing the New Portable Wireless Laptop Labs…

…While Searching for the “Best Quest”


The Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology (PT3) program at NAU is committed to helping education faculty integrate technology into their professional practices. Offering individual technology mentoring and support, helping with course redesign efforts, and providing technology resources represent the primary ways in which the PT3 staff can help with technology integration efforts during the Fall 2002 semester.

The purpose of this particular workshop is to provide you with an overview of the mobile computer lab resources available for the Fall 2002 semester. Resources and check-out procedures are presented following a “hands-on” demonstration of a typical in-class activity that applies some of the mobile laptop lab’s resources. The following menu presents the various resources used within the workshop:


Workshop WebQuest Activity

WebQuest Visual-Verbal Design Scoring Rubric

WebQuest Component Scoring Rubric

WebQuest Instructional Design Scoring Rubric

National [& Other] Standards Resources


Download the entire workshop resource packet here:


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