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Using Computers to Support Learning Academic Standards:

Behavioral and Constructivist Approaches

This workshop is designed to provide examples of a variety of different computer-supported learning environments. The different instructional experiences presented are generally categorized as “behaviorist-oriented” or “constructivist-oriented” based on the types of strategies presented and contexts defined.

This workshop begins with an activity in which specific Arizona mathematics standards (along with a corresponding assessment item) are presented. Workshop participants are then provided with directions for accessing different types of learning experiences (behaviorist-oriented as well as constructivist-oriented) that address the standards, and they are encouraged to reflect on the strengths and limitations of each approach. Following this activity, the workshop participants will be presented with specific computer-supported examples of different types of learning contexts.

The following menu presents the various resources used within the workshop:


Workshop Activity: Comparing behaviorist-oriented and constructivist-oriented computer lessons

Comparing Behaviorist-Oriented and Constructivist-Oriented Instructional Strategy Components

Constructivist-Oriented Instructional Strategies

A Sampler of Different Types of Constructivist-Oriented Instructional Models


Learning FROM Technology [Examples of Behaviorist-Oriented Computer-Supported Instructional Contexts]

Learning WITH Technology [Examples of Constructivist-Oriented Computer-Supported Instructional Contexts]

In-Class & Computer-Based Instructional Scaffolds

National [& Other] Standards Resources

Download the entire workshop resource packet here:


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