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National [& Other] Standards Resources

Content Area
Language Arts  National Council of Teachers of English 
National Standards for Art Education
Information Problem Solving  Big Six Skills for Information Problem Solving by Michael Eisenberg & Bob Berkowitz 


Projec2061: Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy
American Association for the Advancement of Science 
National Science Education Standards 
Mathematics  Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
History  National Center for History in the School’s National Standards for History
Basic Edition (1996) 
Geography  National Geographic’s 18 Geography Standards 
Nutrition  United States Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans  
Social Studies National Council for the Social Studies
Technology National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
International Society for Technology in Education
Thinking and Reasoning Thinking and Reasoning Standards
Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory
Working with Others Working with Others Standards
Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory


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