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Electronic Portfolio Resources at NAU

Creating Web-based Documents

The easiest way for NAU students to develop electronic portfolios is to use their space on the Dana server to store electronic files, and to make these files accessible via the Web.  The basic steps presented below illustrate the use of Dana as a “container” for developing electronic portfolios:

Step One:  Get comfortable with Dana. 

The following Website present information needed to “get comfortable” moving files to and from individual Dana accounts:

Step Two:
  Get comfortable moving files to and from Dana.


Using Windows Explorer to Access Dana accounts from a PC:

Using Fetch to access Dana accounts from a Mac:

Note: Download Fetch hereFetch 4.0.2
           Download Fetch registration information here: Fetch Registration

Step Three:
Creating Web pages to be placed in Dana Accounts

 Web publishing resources (non-NAU):


Web development and publishing tutorials developed for NAU’s Educational Technology program:


Other Development Resources

In addition to providing technical support, the PT3 staff has some multimedia development equipment available for check-out that could be used in the development of creative electronic portfolios.  Currently, these resources include:

§         Digital camera
§         Scanner
Clip art

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